Glass floors let light pass through the floor

For buildings that do not receive much daylight, Aluflam’s horizontal glass floors are a solution. Glass floors let sunlight that shines from a skylight, for example, pass through to lower floors so that everyone in the building can enjoy the daylight. Aluflam’s large glass areas of up to 2 m² make a nice and simple statement, with clear anti-slip mats that make it safe to walk on, while the clear, laminated glass underneath guarantees discretion.

Aluflam glass flooring is fire-rated and approved in classes of REI30 and REI60, however the flooring can also be installed without classification.

Benefits of Aluflam glass flooring:

A simple, elegant and minimalist solution for buildings that are dark and dim
The 90 mm thick glass flooring provides high-level sound reduction of approximately Rw 55 dB
High-level fire safety combined with the Aluflam steel construction
Large, free glass areas of up to 2 m², as well as options for very small solutions
Aluflam quality at every step of the process with accompanying laminated glazing and clear anti-slip mats

– AW50

floorFire-resistance class:
– Up to REI60

Brandklasse: E30 – EI60
Profilhøjde: 50 mm
Profildybde: 130 mm