Glass roofs and skylights allow light to shine in from above.

Glass roofs and skylights are classic solutions to letting in as much daylight into a building as possible. Skylight windows are two to three times more effective at letting sunlight into buildings than other types of windows. Aluflam provides all sorts of aluminium profile systems, from bands of light for confined spaces such as corridors and narrow arcades, to glass roofs and skylights. We are one of the few who can provide fireproof skylights and angled windows.

Benefits of Aluflam glass roofs and skylights:

Neat, narrow profiles
Variety of finishes
Weather and light-resistant aluminium profiles
Variety of glass thicknesses
Individual hardware options with open/close mechanisms
Individual options for sunshade
Building requirements for spaces with sufficient light set the minimum skylight area at 7% of the floor area.

Brandklasse: E 30 – EI 60
Profilhøjde: 50 mm
Profildybde: 130 mm